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Artist’s Statement

I make things by hand and enjoy collaborating with others in the making. The work always evolves in the process. My hand-sewn quilts and paintings are designed and made at my home in Massachusetts, and my gardens have been planted in Massachusetts, Illinois and Colorado.

I usually work at the residential scale in garden design, and bring an aesthetic of “domesticated wild” to the design. I like to specify native plants whenever possible to enhance the habitat for birds, butterflies and insects, as well as people; and strive to achieve a richness of plant diversity while maintaining a sense of order and peace. Clients are collaborators in how the gardens are envisioned, and the craftsman who install the job bring their own expertise to the site.

My recent paintings are abstract and often monochromatic, made of oil on linen. Many of the colors are inspired from the garden; and the sawtooth shape comes from a traditional quilt form.

I make quilts in the winter months, and they are all hand sewn from wool, cotton, or linen. They are warm! Some of these have been made with my daughter Ruby, and they take inspiration from large scale natural and cultural phenomena – from dark matter to continental drift, dust bowl, and space junk.